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FUN Challenges for Special Events

There is a printable challenge sheet.

This is for Easter 2014

Thinking Day Swaps Badge 2014

For Thinking Day 2013 we tried to find other Girl Guide and Girl Scout Units to SWAP with.... not much success!!! :-(

Please email if you want to get involved.....


If you want to make your own badges using these designs here are the instructions.

swaps badges

Suggested by a Guider called Lindsey (thank you)...

The Pet Rope trainer badge, for when a pet rope owner can demonstrate all knots on the pet rope cards plus 2 new  knots they have found and learnt for themselves (these must be real knots!)

Pet Rope Trainer fun badge blue
Pet Rope Trainer fun badge green
Pet Rope Trainer fun badge orange
Pet Rope Trainer fun badge purple

NEW: from mid Oct 2016 we will have IRON ON badges / patches available for skills badges, GFI project badges etc!!!!  no sewing.

Fun Challenges POD 2016
Fun Challenges BABYBEL 2016
New badges photo

NEW Iron on printed cotton patches / badges, GFI projects and Skills badges. 40p each plus £1 p&p for any number.