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We can order uniform for you direct form the Guide Association, there are no delivery charges.

Sometimes we have second hand uniform please ask, and if you've got uniform that you've grown out of please let us know.

The Guide Unform is 'mix and match'  - you can choose any of these options. We also have our own hoodie which you can see in the photo on the homepage of this website - We love these hoodies , if you would like one they cost £15.00 or £5.00 for a second hand one if we have any.

You can wear plain blue jeans / trousers / shorts / skirts for ordinary meetings. We never wear jeans / denim for outdoor activities though.

Sometimes we need to be really smart so navy or black school trousers are the best.


Official Guide Hoodie



Guide Gilet


Guide Polo Shirt


Guide T-shirt


Kingsbridge Guides Hoodie

£15.00 and T shirt £7.00

(navy  with white print on front and back)

Guides  have a record / information book called a G file.

It is a ringbinder with lots of info etc.

G files cost £6.25


If you would like a pocket sized G File we can give you one of those for FREE.  We make lots of extra information and activity pages to go in it as well as the basic programme.

colour neckerchief

Once you've been in Guides a while you will have the opportunity to make your Guide Promise. When you do this you will be given your neckerchief and Promise badge to wear as part of your Guide Uniform.

Pocket G File cover image